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May 30, 2010 \pm\31 4:27 pm

Prominent pseudonym, Vladimir Slender-Hedge, asserts “Paul Siegell’s wild life rifle fire (Otoliths) proves, if proof were needed, that the electrifying art of Concrete Poetry is not dead!”

So don’t go believing all those concrete poetry doomsayer articles that you no doubt come across every other week. They’re all written by confused old men terrified of change. In their day, concrete poems were built with real concrete and sometimes concrete poets would be whipped into such a passionate frenzy they’d hurl poems at one another. Sometimes these acts were part of the poetry, but often concrete poets were simply frustrated because they were teased for being so weighty. People just didn’t get it and didn’t want to bother with the required heavy lifting. Many concrete poems were destroyed or lost this way, but thankfully contemporary concrete poets, like Paul Siegell, have adapted and now employ lighter, less destructive methods.

Thank you for reading my brief essay on the history of concrete poetry. Students, plagiarize at will.


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