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Summer poetry reads.

June 8, 2010 \pm\30 3:36 pm

We Who Are About to Die isn’t my only literary blog gig. [insert crass joke here, picture to the left is my refrigerator magnet] This summer I’m also in charge of the Sunday Poetry Page at The Best American Poetry blog where I’m highlighting a handful of the poems published at No Tell Motel over the past six years. I wish you would go over there and read the poems I already highlighted and return each Sunday to read the new ones. It’s not so different than what I do here with Poetry Attentionbeam, except people seem to be more impressed that I’m doing it over at the BAP blog. At the next WWAATD editorial meeting, I will suggest that we change the name to “We Who Are The Best to Die” or perhaps just “We Who Are The Best.” Because if you act like you’re best, people will start to believe it. They will also believe you possess the supernatural power of cultural capital.

Sometimes we get outraged by lists presented by the surely wicked cultural capitalists with their narrow views of the literary landscape and their inane conclusions. I know I do. On rare occasions, we succeed in shaming them and that can feel truly wonderful, but maybe that’s not really the best solution. We all have list-making cultural capitalists budding inside (do we use our powers for good or evil? we must each decide for ourselves!) and that’s what’s so beautiful about the Recommended Summer Reading at No Tells. During the month of June, each day a different No Tell Motel contributor suggests poetry titles. So far there are recommendations from Noah Falck, Julie Babcock, Kathleen Rooney, Michael Gushue, Steven Karl, Kim Roberts, Jessy Randall, Evie Shockley, Mike Gubser and upcoming recs from Leigh Stein, Elisa Gabbert, Trina Burke, Marcela Sulak, Rob McDonald, Gary McDowell, Mike Young, Jamison Crabtree, Eileen Tabios and others. I wish you would go read them and check back every day.

If you want to know THE BEST poetry books, we at No Tells make those lists too: 2009 and 2008.

We Who Are That Powerful And Divine.


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