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The astrology of rejection letters: Pisces.

August 3, 2010 \am\31 9:30 am

Deagr LAndonn,

We red yourr sumbiss{ion over summ pints of Guineshh, a handle of Skyeee vodka, a rou*nd of car bombbbs, a roun of Yaegermeishterrr , three jointssss and a quart oof Wild Turkey\\\. We liiked it. Then we rjwwwread it again shober annnd it failed tto tittilate (that’s what she said).

#&@%WWe’re reading it againnnow after a gamme of beer pong, tEN maargaristas, sixx tabs of acid ahnd an expeerimmment wjtigh absinthe and fiind it shitmulateing again but we are goijng to goowith the decsiosion we made du&ring thhe one hour thith week we were soober.

We ar$e going to patsss. We nwish you the besht of luck with your writting.


Th%e Edittors


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