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Did you write any bad poetry today?

August 18, 2010 \pm\31 4:54 pm

So, today is Bad Poetry Day. I haven’t written any, have you?

Read someone else’s…

Very Bad Poetry – “the last refuge for the world’s worst poetry.”

Worst Adolescent Poems at the Frisky

Steve Almond’s Bad Poetry Corner at the Rumpus

Write your own…

Heretical Rhyme Generator


Mendel’s Serenade

Today, bad poetry rules.

I sip diet pepsi, my mind in a fog

Arm yourself when the Frog God smiles.

so he donned his old tog


And though not bad, or poetry, this is quite poetic in it’s own way. Consider this a prompt.

  1. Keith S. Wilson permalink
    August 18, 2010 \pm\31 5:05 pm 5:05 pm

    Mendel’s Serenade

    Give me the apple!

    no longer wanting Wonder Bread

    We dream of dark things, nightshade and purple

    woe betide for the living outnumber the dead

  2. Keith S. Wilson permalink
    August 18, 2010 \pm\31 5:13 pm 5:13 pm

    Also, I tested the poem generator by writing a ridiculously long line, and it just ignored the line, and gave me someone else’s poem. Now, that’s some gall!

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