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Call for submissions: LUMINA.

September 2, 2010 \pm\30 1:29 pm

Hey, would you happen to be a writer? Know any writers? Funnily enough, the staff at LUMINA magazine and I are looking for unique, high-quality writing for our balls-to-the-wall tenth anniversary edition coming out this April.  The submission period opened yesterday–but don’t worry, we’ll keep it open until November 15 just for you.  And, if we like your writing, you’ll be invited to read at our launch this Spring in conjunction with the Sarah Lawrence College Poetry Festival (where there will no doubt be copious amounts of free booze and food).

Also, if you’re of the nonfiction persuasion, maybe you’d like to enter our contest.  All you have to do is convince judge Vivian Gornick to think you’re talented and you’ll be the proud recipient of copious bragging rights and $500.

Hit us with your best shot. Send your stories, essays (autobiographical, academic, “lyric” or otherwise), and poems to lumina [at] gm [dot] slc [dot] edu and you’re that much closer to fame and fortune.*

*LUMINA strives for but does not guarantee fame and/or fortune upon publication in the magazine.


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