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[Quickie Reviews] online lit mags: elimae.

October 25, 2010 \pm\31 5:01 pm

Overall hits you like: A ghost in the machine. Ethereal, angelic and digital.

Aesthetic seems: Risky but solid, diverse, unpredictable; so caring of words.

Look feels: A snowy day of course, but one in which you’re not sure whether it’s all duvets and hot cocoa or tearing it up on the snowboard.

Technical specs: Plenty of poetry (prose poetry and all sorts) and some short short fiction. Sometimes a book review or other creative non-fiction. Monthly.

Current issue standouts: I harbor overwhelming desire to make out with the October issue.

  • The Present Is Where My Body Lies by Susan L. Lin. A tidy string of thoughts linked by em dashes that unravels so meaningfully.
  • The Hand I Clasp Is Made of Dreams by Paul Griner. Lovely dark and fragrant (read and you’ll see what I mean). Feel like the idea of it will keep me up nights.
  • Some Bodies by Mike Meginnis. Maybe I am sophomoric, but probably I am going to love any story that includes the phrase, “This body has a funny penis.” More than that, this piece is beautifully inventive.
  • This Poem Has a Title (Duchess) by Rolli. Just currently my favorite poem of the world, it makes my tongue and eyes happy and I’m not entirely sure why.

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