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Irrational exuberance.

October 29, 2010 \pm\31 3:17 pm

I got this here error message a few weeks back. Was just now cleaning off the ole desktop and found it and was immediately charmed all over again. (Why it’s inspired me to write in “oldtimey” style, I’m not sure.)  It’s not just that it’s funny, it’s that it’s my very own FAIL. I haven’t submitted it to Failblog, assuming they’ve seen it all before, but maybe I should. To get a Failblog acceptance letter, to attain Failblog fame?!? Unimaginable bliss.

  1. October 29, 2010 \pm\31 3:56 pm 3:56 pm

    This seems like you wanna be Jimmy Chen. It’s not working.


  2. October 29, 2010 \pm\31 4:29 pm 4:29 pm
    Vote for me! It would mean so much.

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