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Who we are not.

November 4, 2010 \am\30 8:26 am
My favorite line from the political coverage in my home state of Connecticut came from the Hartford Courant, regarding the uber-close race for governow between Dan Malloy (D) and Tom Foley (R):
“The handcounting of photocopied ballots in Bridgeport finished by 7:15 a.m., bringing the total number of votes for Malloy in the city to 19,148 and for Foley to 6,502, said a woman who is not a city elections official in the city’s voter registrar’s office.”
I didn’t realize how vague anonymous sources could get. Why even say she’s a woman? Why not attribute this information to a mammal who is not a coyote who is also not a city elections official?
Now, when people ask me what I do for a living, I’m going to tell them what I do not do for a living. So, if you are wondering, I am not insurance claims adjuster nor am I a horse trainer. I am also not a forensics expert, a cashier at a hardware store, an auctioneer, nor a park ranger or rodeo clown. I hope this narrows it down for you.
  1. Robin Elizabeth Sampson permalink
    November 4, 2010 \am\30 11:01 am 11:01 am

    Since you write “my home state of Connecticut,” I assume you no longer live here.

    Lucky bastard!

  2. November 4, 2010 \am\30 11:28 am 11:28 am

    I do not live in Connecticut. And this is not a comment.

    • Robin Elizabeth Sampson permalink
      November 4, 2010 \pm\30 2:05 pm 2:05 pm


  3. November 4, 2010 \pm\30 12:34 pm 12:34 pm

    this reminds me of deb olin unferth’s ‘vacation’, she has this thing she does where she tells you something by telling you what it is not. hers is more effective and slightly less annoying though.

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