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Poetry-related CafePress items: 3 personal favorites.

November 8, 2010 \pm\30 1:00 pm

CafePress is one of the nation’s biggest e-tailers of user-customized merchandise. If you have a slogan and a dream, CafePress will slap it on a t-shirt, mug or thong and put it on sale. They keep most of the revenue, but that’s the price you pay for being unwilling to front production costs.

Whatever your interest or hobby might be, some CafePress merchant has produced a t-shirt  allowing you to pronounce to the world:  “I’m a Hypnobirth Baby” or “What Happens at Scrapbooking Retreats Stays at Scrapbooking Retreats.”

So what does CafePress have to offer those of us with an interest in poetry? Here are a couple of highlights.

3. Hwaet Wolde Beowulf Don? T-Shirt

I guess this translates to What Would Beowulf Do? Beowulf pretty much only ever did one thing–killing monsters–so I’m not sure why you’d need to ask this question, but it’s a pretty sweet-looking shirt.

2. I Love Ovid Mini-Button

You might as well get it out there. You love Ovid. Everyone else will just have to deal with it.

1. Fire and Ice Magnet

If Robert Frost had had QuarkXpress, he totally would have made the word “ice” look like ice. But he didn’t, of course, and it’s fallen to someone else to make the necessary improvements.

Bonus Item for Novelists

The W. Somerset Maugham thong.


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