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Poetry shirts I forgot I made.

December 7, 2010 \pm\31 1:16 pm

My recent post about poetry-themed CafePress items was at least subliminally motivated by the fact that five years ago I uploaded a t-shirt design to CafePress which in the few months I monitored it sold exactly zero items. Here’s the t-shirt in question:

Pretty slick, right? I had Photoshop back then.

Daniel’s post about AWP bumper stickers reminded me of the goofy shirt I designed those many years ago, and I returned to CafePress today out of morbid curiosity to see if I’d ever sold any copies of this shirt in the intervening four years (answer: no). To my surprise, I was reminded that I actually designed two other PoBiz-related t-shirts back then, both of which I had also entirely forgotten about, and both of which have never sold a single shirt, ever.

(Below “MFA” it reads “Makin’ Frappuccinos Afterwards.”)

Feel free to click on the images above to buy one of these overpriced affordable shirts and make me rich allow me to earn between $1 and $2.


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