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With which would you rather ‘kiss and tell’?

December 9, 2010 \pm\31 8:57 pm

Sexy movie star Julian?

Mental hospital patient Julian?

Motivational speaker Julian?

From: What is Julian Assange Up To? (via @petemaskreplica)

As Assange is the first to admit, his strategy has a history. He traces it, with understated irony, to the strategy the U.S. adopted in its fight against terrorist organizations after 9/11. Reading Bady’s piece, I recognized the strategy from a different sphere entirely: poetry.

This article done good for clueless, comfortable, fuzzyhead me. It helped me to appreciate the possible motivations behind and possible outcomes of the whole WikiLeaks deal and made it fun to think about in terms of language, which is something more to my heart than financial crises and governments and diplomats and all the other worldlife things I feel alienated by (yeah, I’m one of those). I can now feel more confident saying things like ‘Go WikiLeaks, hack the planet!’ on a bit more solid footing than, ‘Well Sarah Palin hates it so it must be the only right course for humanity.’


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