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Hey people-who-are-less-half-assed-about-their-history/politics/political-history-than-am I.

December 10, 2010 \am\31 12:21 am

Somewhere in the back of my brain, I recall FDR either im- or explicitly telling Dems or those further left than he could comfortably go to challenge him, to push him to do the right thing. Is that not what happened when Barack made that putrid deal with the scumbags this week and now the House Dems are actually fighting back? And if I’m right, how come I can’t find anyone writing about recent developments as such? Please to enlighten.

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  1. December 10, 2010 \pm\31 1:03 pm 1:03 pm

    and then they caved. sigh. never mind.

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