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What is grosser than gross.

December 29, 2010 \pm\31 6:39 pm

Remembering the Garbage Pail Kids of Yesteryear

Garbage Pail Kids: Fat Matt

Garbage Pail Kids: Fat Matt

I’ll be the first to admit that certain bandwagons of my youth did indeed catch my attention and my efforts — not the least of which was the collectible card craze inspired by the Garbage Pail Kids. I didn’t quite get as frenzied as I did with my entire collection of serial killer trading cards, but let’s just say that certain Garbage Pail Kids did receive my love and perhaps an acid-free poly-vinyl sleeve or three for their own safekeeping.

Thinking briefly about the Garbage Pail Kids of my youth the other day, I remembered the whole “What’s Grosser than Gross” line of humorous inquiry that friends of mine and I used to run out to their messy conclusions. I thought of this as I prepared to read a story from my own collection to a Portland audience one recent Saturday afternoon, and realized that it must take a lot to get me to tackle a subject. I don’t necessarily mean this in a bad way, either — it’s just that if I had to try to objectively study myself as a writer, using only my stories as research material, I’d have to conclude that maybe I’m still following the old “What’s Grosser than Gross” logic of beginning a story, or finding the “inspiration” to write anything in the first place.

So I thought maybe this would be a decent starting point for a mini-writing prompt, or I guess a writing prompt for what could end up a micro-fiction or the kernel at the center of a larger work. Anyone ever tried anything like this, or have other joke-logic-from-our-collective-youth-that-might-make-for-an-inspired-writing-prompt? Certainly curious.

Garbage Pail Kids: Welcome Matt

Garbage Pail Kids: Welcome Matt

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    7-11 on ventura blvd.


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