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Gregory Sherl on Gregory Sherl.

January 11, 2011 \pm\31 12:47 pm

Gregory Sherl reviews a story by Gregory Sherl
from [C:] an mlp stamp stories anthology

I haven’t read my stamp story since I sent it to MLP a bunch of months ago, but I think it was pretty good because they seemed pretty happy with it. I probably said the word “thigh” in it. I probably implied fucking. I am always implying fucking, like even right now my legs are twitching. All of my stamp stories are sitting on my desk. I have fifteen of them, I think. I am sending one to Robert Kloss because he sent me one. His stamp story is really good. You should read it. You should read it before you read my stamp story that might have the word “thigh” in it. There might have been alligators in Robert’s stamp story, there might have been love. We Who Are About Stamps. I miss Klonopin when I’m not on Klonopin. I would rather be reading my stamp story than grading my students’ papers. The topic of my students’ papers is “If I won a million dollars, this is what I would do…” If my stamp story won a million dollars, it would pay pretty women to lick it all day. It would somehow find its way to Vermont and never leave.


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