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Getting to know: Lewis Turco.

January 21, 2011 \pm\31 7:10 pm

[In which WWAATD asks vapid questions culled from various teen magazines to non-vapid, non-teenager types.]

Full Name: Lewis Putnam Turco
Age: 76
Height: 5’7” and shrinking
Currently Live: Dresden, Maine
Hometown: Born in Buffalo, NY; raised in Meriden, CT; worked 36 years in Oswego, NY teaching writing arts.
Instruments: Bongos back in the sixties.
Car: 2005 Chevy Impala
Secret Talent: Singing (barbershop lead)

What is the best thing about your job? That I don’t have one.
What was your most embarrassing audition moment? When I got hayfever and couldn’t hit a decent note.
If you could live in any past era which would it be and why? The English Renaissance; would have liked to meet Shakespeare.
Who is your role model and why? Shakespeare, because he was the best writer of his time.
What do you do for fun? Read and write. Also did it for a profession when I was working.
Do you have a good luck charm? My Muse whose name is Jascha, an invisible gargoyle who sits on my right shoulder.
Wackiest fan encounter: At a writer’s conference when I met a woman with a prosthetic nose.
Before I die, I want to: See my grandchildren grow old.
When I fly I have to have: First class booking my back is so bad.
If I had to spend $10 at my favorite fast food joint, I’d order: A blue cheese bacon burger.
My coolest article of clothing: A suede blazer.
My first financial splurge was: A new Fiat 600. Bad mistake.
When friends come over, we: Talk about our illnesses, aches and pains.
Do you like to cook? If so, what? Yes. I’m very good at tomato sauce, meatballs, pizza, meatloaf and barbecuing.
TV show(s) I never miss: “American Pickers” and “Pawn Stars.”
If you could interview any celeb whom would it be and why? I once interviewed my favorite celeb: Robert Frost.
Anything about yourself you wish you could change? I’d like to be tall, blonde, young and handsome.
I’ll eat sushi, but not: I won’t eat sushi.
What are your best and worst subjects in school? They WERE math and physics.
If you could be granted 3 wishes, they’d be… That I could be granted unlimited wishes.
If I could gay-marry anyone in the world, he/she would be… Nobody I can think of.
Where on earth are you most dying to go? I’m not about to die to go anywhere. When I was in the Navy I sailed around the world aboard the USS Hornet, an aircraft carrier.
What’s the last thing that made you cry? My last birthday.
Do you ever wish you could just be a normal kid? I’d like to be any kid again.
What would people be surprised to know about you? I doubt they’d be surprised at anything.
If you had to name one song as your theme song, what would it be?Too Young.” (I saw my wife for the first time when I was in the seventh grade. Her father was my shop teacher).
Have you had a starstruck Hollywood experience? Who was it with? Debbie Reynolds.

Favorite Actor/Actress: Robert Mitchum.
Favorite Movie:Night of the Hunter.”
Favorite Body Part: My brain.
Favorite Singer: Nat King Cole.
Favorite Song: “Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair.”
Favorite Candy: Marzipan.
Favorite Philosopher: I despise philosophers.
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Buttercrunch.
Favorite Sport: Football.
Favorite Sports Team: N. E. Patriots.
Favorite Athlete: Tom Brady.
Favorite Book: Tom Sawyer.
Cell Phone or iPod: Cell phone.
Summer or Winter: Fall.
Ice Skating or Gymnastics: Neither.
LA or New York: New York.
Skiing or Snowboarding: Neither.
Chocolate or Flowers: Chocolate.
Dogs or Cats: Cats.

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  1. January 21, 2011 \am\31 10:25 am 10:25 am

    I have a copy of The New Book of Forms, which I stole from a mutual acquaintance of Lewis Turco’s and mine. When I mentioned it to Mr. Turco, he said, “You couldn’t have stolen it from a better man.”

    It’s the best reference book ever.

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