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The Naughty Librarian, who is not at AWP.

February 5, 2011 \pm\28 6:12 pm

And I’m just very very very glad that all the people I know who ARE at AWP are not torturing me with all sorts of FB status updates on the amazingly wonderful party-like time they’re having. They’re probably all on twitter, and I don’t really do that, despite the birdie name thing I’ve got going on.

So, while nobody is looking (hahaha), I thought I’d post a few links and say some stuff.


The whole VIDA: The Count 2010 thing and the comments at The Rumpus about it, got me thinking about how there are way more women writers publishing erotica than men. I’ll probably go into this more in a few days because it’s worth a post all it’s own.


“Depravity of Gravity,” “Politicunt,” etc. Gina Marie is “Crazy Happy” at her blog Aphrodite’s Table. Gorgeous photos too.


“Female sexual activists are always incredible.” “Americans are sexually dysfunctional.” “The point of writing about ourselves is to write from the inside out until we achieve an universal truth.” “God is an asshole.” Alana Noel Voth, in her latest PANK blog post.  What’s weird, for me, about this post is that she mentions in the course of it, four people that I’ve met and/or know in real life. It’s kind of surreal. I only “know” Alana through words, having never met. But often her words hit me as if they are my own. “Takes one to know one, doesn’t it?”

A very cool online magazine I just ran across yesterday. Sex + Design.

To us, the word “Sex” represents the debaucherous, messy, fun and impulsive side of life while “Design” stands for purpose, articulation, sophistication and beauty. We’re often ping ponging back and forth between the two while trying to find balance and wanted a forum to represent the tragedy and comedy of it all. Our goal is to relate these experiences through witty writing, photography and art. We hope you like it.

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  1. Deborah Brittan permalink
    February 11, 2011 \pm\28 2:20 pm 2:20 pm

    Such big eyes into the future…I am so glad I read these stories, Thank you all…and Julia

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