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Adorable dads.

February 11, 2011 \pm\28 12:19 pm

The writers Marisa Crawford and Lizzy Acker started this blog a few months ago:

This is their mission statement:

sometimes dads do really cute stuff.  like hold babies or kitties or make you mac and cheese.  we support that kind of behavior so we (marisa and lizzy) created


I think it is totes feminist and totes awesome. As a former nanny, and current teacher of youth, I have  sensed the stigma of males working with/being around children. “You are a professional babysitter? (guffaw) Seriously?” It sometimes seems that the prevailing school of thought is: Adult male+kids=Pervy. Or at best: Adult male+ kids=Weird. I like that this blog features dads being great. I also especially enjoy the vintage dads doing vintage things. Like biting their baby’s ear.


Check out Bob Glück and son. Being adorable is a serious matter!


They’re looking for submissions. If you’re a dad, or mother, or child of a dad, find some adorable pics and send em in. It’s a fun and easy way to break down gender stereotypes.

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