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Linkalicious Round-up: Show Don’t Tell.

April 6, 2011 \am\30 10:15 am

Show Don’t Tell” the musical version.

Want to become the next great American author? Here is the secret.

Jam out to this guitar version of “Show Don’t Tell”

Show don’t tell is about “the whole world of talking the talk, not walking the walk.” Don’t tell me anymore, don’t promise me, just show me.

Show don’t tell is not only for the literary world but also applies to Ad Campaigns.

How the show don’t tell theory travelled across media borders.

Show don’t tell instructions on how to write the next hit song.

Is the show don’t tell rule applicable to all literary genres?

Guy with gamer headset explains the shoe don’t tell theory through the eyes of a writer.

Starting your next novel or short story? Abide by this worksheet and you will have all you need to write the perfect show don’t tell story.


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