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Joseph Riippi on Joseph Riippi.

April 7, 2011 \am\30 1:09 am

Shakespeare stamp
Joseph Riippi reviews a story by Joseph Riippi
from [C:] an mlp stamp stories anthology

Strange, isn’t it? That someone could have the same name as you? The Anne Hathaway not married to Shakespeare is more famous than the one who was, and the Joseph Riippi of this stamp story is not the Joseph Riippi of this review, despite all the narcissistic vowels. I read Joseph Riippi’s 47 words with a mind to being critical (too much language-y image, not enough narrative). And so now I fear the better use of this review space would be to repeat those 47 words themselves and leave Joseph Riippi out of it entirely. But I’ve taken 115 words already (now 118, 119, 120) and so I should reach for a resolve, since it occurs to me today in this writing what it is I love most about writing overall: slugging memory. Although I have changed since writing these 47 words for a stamp, the words have not, and critiquing what I once deemed “finished” gives my memory of that past Joseph Riippi too  much influence. To doubt him leads to doubting myself, which sends the now-me reeling in a cycle away from resolution and rapidly toward abdicating the present document and moving from the keyboard to the couch. I don’t have time for that. The next Joseph Riippi must be a better writer than the last. Must be more confident and more adept at skipping the flashbacks. Fight the past self, Riippi; slug forward into that wet cement and force its shape before it settles.


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