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Round-up: I want to lick your faces.

May 2, 2011 \pm\31 12:30 pm

There’s like a wild energy in all of you recently that’s impossible to ignore.

Love to see your lovely names ruffling up The Believer’s Readers Survey, Mike Young, Rachel B. Glaser and Ben Mirov.

Love to love you, Brian Oliu, whose So You Know It’s Me is the second title from new badass, Tiny Hardcore Press (and I heard they are donating some of the proceeds to tornado recovery in Tuscaloosa, where Brian lives and makes, which is double badass).

Also, forthcoming with the kicks on Tiny: Frank Hinton, Robb Todd, Sean H. Doyle, Scott McClanahan, Tim Jones-Yelvington, Lauren Becker and SO MUCH MORE I CANNOT FUCKING TAKE IT MY FACE IS BLEEDING HOW DO THEY DO IT SO MANY WORDS I WANT TO GOUGE OUT MY HEART AND FEED IT TO EVERYONE.

The Tiny crew is ripping it apart:

♥ Bonus Mark Leidner poetry because awesome!


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