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We who are about to tweet: @chen_village.

June 28, 2011 \pm\30 6:00 pm

[In which we find out the Twitter philosophies of my most beloved follows.]

Twitter username: @chen_village
Real name: Jimmy Chen
Recent memorable tweet: “i deserve to die wearing banana republic”

How often do you tweet? Do you limit yourself to a number of tweets per day, or to a certain time of day? Any other OCD-like tweeting tendencies?

I tend not to tweet so much, just think about things which seem like they would be good tweets, but not actually tweet them. But of course, I do tweet, eventually. And when I do, I feel manic and omnipotent the 10 seconds before I tweet, and whilst typing said tweet, but then immediately afterwards, upon seeing my tweet populate the democratic river of tweets, I feel humiliated and ashamed

What is your ‘follow’ philosophy? Do you follow everyone who follows you? Do you follow celebrities, lit mags, ex-boyfriends?

I will follow people who may be offended if I don’t follow them, like people I know online via other venues. People politics precede technology. People are petty, rarely pretty. I try not to follow people because of the follow to followers ratio which should be at least 1:4, if you want any online cred.

What is your @ philosophy? Do you tweet people back, engage in ‘chit chat,’ become annoyed when others do?

No, rarely, because—and this answers your second question—I get annoyed by an @ conversation which would be better if privately emailed or instant messaged by the respective @ers; it seems, to me, there’s a certain glib narcissism of an @ed conversation. Whenever I have an @ed conversation, I am usually filled with self-hatred.

What is your #hashtag philosophy?

I like creating conceptual hashtags which are irrelevant, for example, one of my favorite tweets I did: Bob #guysnamedbob

Do you obsess about number of: followers / retweets / favorites / unfollows / other?

I would not use the word “obsess,” though I am highly cognizant of, and emotionally attached to, any retweets I get. I understand this is somewhat sad.

How do you think you come across to your followers? How would you like to come across?

I would like to come across a belly after pulling out.

What do you want people to remember about your Twitter account?

That I might as well be Buddhist.

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