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We who are about to tweet: curtain call.

July 15, 2011 \am\31 12:01 am

So yeah, hope you enjoyed We Who Are About To Tweet babygirl, I have a fuzzy feeling that you did.

In case you missed one, the full line-up is below and in the spirit of the thing I also made a Twitter list where you can follow the whole lovely cast at once.

Thanks again to the stars: you make me feel less lonely and confused, and sometimes more confused which is awesome too because it’s so life and I’m glad you’re this weird part of mine, even just over the box with your 1’s and 0’s and my exes and o’s and oh oh, I don’t know how to express ‘love’ without being inappropriately sexual so I’ll just say I would hardcore makeout with all of you. ♥

But we ain’t done yet, ‘by popular request’ we are keeping the feature going regularly. If you and your mates want to share your ‘Twitter philosophy’ with WWAATD, send a love letter to mail [at] downinme [dot] com.


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