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We who are about to tweet: @ponchopeligroso.

July 21, 2011 \am\31 6:33 am

[In which WWAATD finds out the Twitter philosophies of some lovely Twitter people.]

Twitter usernames: @ponchopeligroso (also: @poncho_ebooks and, in collaboration with steve roggenbuck, @biebercrazie4u)
Real name: Poncho Peligroso
Recent memorable tweet: “lion has built-in autocorrect and it’s fucking up my misspelling-based comedy”

How often do you tweet? Do you limit yourself to a number of tweets per day, or to a certain time of day? Any other OCD-like tweeting tendencies?

i tweet constantly and inexorably

there have been multiple occasions where i have twet so much that i was prevented from tweeting any more by twitter itself

i refer to this phenomenon as ‘twetjail’ which is a term i picked up from @CelestialBeard i think

i have formed the account @poncho_ebooks which is usually a gimmick account where i try to emulate the writing style of “ebooks” spambots but sometimes when my main account is put in twetjail, i will switch to @poncho_ebooks to continue tweeting

this recently occurred while i was livetweeting the horror films “the human centipede” and “martyrs.” both times i got almost to the end of the film livetweeting from @ponchopeligroso before having to switch to @poncho_ebooks to finish the last scene.

i don’t post much on @biebercrazie4u but when i do i tend to tweet unattributed facebook statuses from people who aren’t my friends

What is your ‘follow’ philosophy? Do you follow everyone who follows you? Do you follow celebrities, lit mags, ex-boyfriends?

i follow exactly 666 people in honor of the dark lord satan. hail satan. i don’t follow everyone who follows me. i follow several celebrities, including justin bieber and tyler the creator and lil b the basedgod. i follow some lit mags, though the only one i ever seem to notice in my timeline is Artifice Mag, which may be the only one i follow. i’m not sure.

What is your @ philosophy? Do you tweet people back, engage in ‘chit chat,’ become annoyed when others do?

i tweet people back if they seem like they are worth talking to/not a spambot. i engage in frequent frivolous chitchat. i only become annoyed when twitter conversations go on for an extremely long time about a Serious Issue where it is clear that neither person involved is going to change the other’s opinion, and the only thing either is accomplishing is making people angry, including themselves, by flooding my timeline with excessive but unproductive seriousness.

What is your #hashtag philosophy?

i like to use hashtags as punchlines a lot of the time. i have a few that i have used for a long time as running jokes. oftentimes i will give explicitly terrible advice like “chop your dick off” and follow it with #lifehacks

post on the internet until you go blind #lifehacks
7/16/11 4:26 PM

when i make observations about events occurring to me i will sometimes include #itstheponcholife

i sometimes combine these into #itstheponcholifehacks

i sometimes use more conventional hashtags like #lit and #poetry when linking to my work outside of twitter

when i livetweet films, as i did with ‘the human centipede’ and ‘martyrs’, i will use a short hashtag for those livetweets

i think i used #hclt and #mlt for those

after i did #mlt i found out that it’s a hashtag frequently used for other things, including “MyLifeTeens,” and i have resolved to do my homework on hashtags before using them in the future

Do you obsess about number of: followers / retweets / favorites / unfollows / other?

generally for all of those numbers i think bigger is better

i include unfollows in this because i feel like if i can get a bunch of unfollows but still have more followers at the end of the day then i have achieved something (completely worthless)

How do you think you come across to your followers? How would you like to come across?

how i think i come across: alternately hyperbolically absurd and extremely earnest loudmouth begging for money

how i want to come across: alternately hilarious/earnest warrior poet worth giving all of your money to

i just asked @felisen and she said i come across as poncho

i think i want to come across as poncho, or i want “poncho” to evoke the first thing i said i wanted to come across as

What do you want people to remember about your Twitter account?

i want to build a world from words and live in it

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    July 24, 2011 \pm\31 10:44 pm 10:44 pm

    I am pretty sure Poncho Peligroso is not actually his real name.


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