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We who are about to tweet: @Aurist.

July 26, 2011 \pm\31 4:42 pm

[In which WWAATD finds out the Twitter philosophies of some lovely Twitter people.]

Twitter username: @Aurist
Real name: Liam Bjartrún Adams
Recent memorable tweet: “the ghost of something awful, crushing, dark and normal”

How often do you tweet? Do you limit yourself to a number of tweets per day, or to a certain time of day? Any other OCD-like tweeting tendencies?

um, it varies hugely from day to day. like, on an off day i will tweet maybe like five to ten times max, but on a super ‘on’ day i probably tweet like hundreds of times, with a handful of retweets. i have been complimented on my “great retweeting skills” or something, i retweet a bunch of stuff i like, usually it’s some kind of newsy thing that i think people would wanna hear, or mostly like a silly joke with an obscure reference or something. or sometimes people say stuff (usually funny stuff) about me that i can’t not retweet, like recently a person asked me what gender i am, that’s cool. i definitely don’t limit myself re amount of tweets per day, i just do whatever. i often find myself staring at my screen willing myself to come out with something cool and dumb to tweet. i also run or at least have passwords to multiple twitter accounts, some of which are just me (@babycuttlefish, @twinksdoinstuff) and some are varying amounts of people (@vomitweek, @tao_lininterns [still yet to tweet on that one], @machinelittle)

i think my main ‘obsession’ in every day tweeting is trying to say a thing that a bunch of people like, but usually i just sit around and say a bunch of stuff and whatever. i’m tweeting poetic stuff one second and talking about tea or something the next and then discussing feminism the next and stuff. i just vary a heck of a lot, which is easy to do in a zillion tweets

What is your ‘follow’ philosophy? Do you follow everyone who follows you? Do you follow celebrities, lit mags, ex-boyfriends?

i follow like, 310 people or something. i am probably kind of reserved in the way i follow people, seeing as i am followed by a whole lot more. not that long ago i was following like 360 people and my timeline was going too fast for me so i needed to unfollow a bunch, i feel bad when i unfollow people but i do it anyway i guess. the way i follow is usually i either see something has followed me and i look at a bunch of their tweets and if i think they are cool i follow them. often i will see a cool person get retweeted a bunch and decide to follow them. i follow a couple celebrities, or i think maybe just two, Lil B and Yoko Ono. both follow me back, which makes me happy. i am following a few literaturey things, a few musicky things. i think i am following only one ex, and they follow me back too before people think i am being weird haha.

What is your @ philosophy? Do you tweet people back, engage in ‘chit chat,’ become annoyed when others do?

i think i talk to most of the people that talk to me, sometimes i miss a couple things and feel bad if i notice, i like to engage a lot of people in conversation. it makes me feel good to hear even minor details of a person’s day, or to hear their opinion on stuff. i feel a lot closer to a person when i know what they are eating and drinking and stuff, i don’t know if that is weird

What is your #hashtag philosophy?

i like to use and abuse hashtags, they’re cool, they’re like an emphasis a lot of the time. i have popularised one hashtag, #letsmakeapornwhere, where people just describe the idea of making a porn where a funny/crazy thing that wouldn’t happen in a normal porn happens, it’s cool to read, i got a lot of people saying it once. i don’t think i really use any hashtags very consistently, but i think i use hashtags to emphasise onomatopoeia a bunch

Do you obsess about number of: followers / retweets / favorites / unfollows / other?

a lot less than i used to, but probably more than is healthy still. re followers/unfollowers, i like to keep a tab on it because i am getting not that far off 1,000 which feels exciting. i check the “who unfollowed me” site maybe once a week, mostly just to see if there are people who i care about who deleted their account, which sucks when it happens.

i look at the site favstar a bunch, mostly because i’ve found that retweets and favourites come to some really unexpected tweets. sometimes when i feel like i have made a ‘good’ tweet or whatever i sort of hopefully check the site to see how it did. i like getiing rts and favourites. i like reading other peoples’ favourite tweets too, a lot of people have really good taste!

How do you think you come across to your followers? How would you like to come across?

i am not totally aware of how i come across on twitter, but i like to think that people have come to expect a lot of sincerity from me, i don’t like irony and i find it difficult too. i feel like my twitter is a sort of ‘mish-mash’ of whatever i am in the mood to say at the time, and i often lose followers when people follow me on the back of a certain kind of tweet and then don’t see that kind of thing for a while.

i feel like my twitter has sort of ‘tropes’ or whatever that feel like they form parts of my online personality, including and not limited to: cuteness, tea, animism, genderfuck, space, magic, existential anguish, cats.

once my really good friend @ponchopeligroso wrote a really wonderful thing about me and my twitter and my poetry and stuff. it said stuff about me “veer[ing] from the painfully mundane into fantasies of escape that had a simultaneous hallucinatory intensity and strange delicacy” and that my tweets were often an “emotional one-inch punch”. i hope my tweets are still that good…

What do you want people to remember about your Twitter account?

that my twitter marked the early signs of the coming cute revolution. or slightly less unrealistically, what would be wonderful is if i gained success in my life as a poet / musician and the people i spoke to remembered the cool times that we had. that would rock


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