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We who are about to breed.

August 9, 2011 \am\31 10:02 am

It’s humanity’s eternal question. One asked by literary heavyweights from Plato, to Twain, to Snooki:

“How do I avoid raising a potential armed robber while maintaining a writing career?”

It’s the question I asked myself when my wife and I learned we were expecting a baby boy this November. As a parent, I was thrilled. As a writer, I was scared.

Babies take time. Lots of time.

Writing takes time. Lots of time.

Will one of them have to suffer?

And with this kernel of fear, We Who Are About to Breed was born. Over the next month, we’ll be asking some of our favorite writers who are parents how they simultaneously nurture the creative life with nature’s little poop-filled distractions.


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