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Something about the Man Booker Prize.

August 13, 2011 \pm\31 3:59 pm

Does everyone know that the long list for the Man Booker Prize was released the other day? I have not read any of the books on it but I might.

Standout facts about the Man Booker Prize from the Man Booker Prize website:

  • The winner of the Man Booker Prize receives £50,000. Shortlisted authors get £2,500 and a hand bound copy of their own book.
  • The prize guarantees the winner and the shortlisted authors a worldwide readership plus a dramatic increase in book sales. They are also guaranteed fame.
  • The Man Booker Prize is sponsored by Man Group plc. Man is an alternative investment management business that manages 71 billion dollars.
  • To be eligible, the author must be a citizen of the commonwealth, Ireland or Zimbabwe.
  • The chosen novel cannot be self-published but can be an ebook if said ebook is from an ‘established imprint.’
  • Philip Roth won this year’s International Man Booker Prize. Phillip Pullman was on the list. [I have read three books by only one of these Phils.]

Did you guys know there is a list of the world’s richest (as in cash money) literary prizes? The Booker is on it, at the bottom.

Good to see on the 2011 long list a book from one of my favorite publishing houses in the UK, Canongate. I tried to think of what my picks for the list would be and 3 out 5 were published by Canongate:

Standout facts about my list from my head:

  • My list would be ineligible because only one was published this year, though they are all ‘contemporary’.
  • They are all written by males, and all but one, star young males. [Someone please recommend me contemporary British female writers that are not Zadie Smith.]
  • 4 out of 5 could be classed as ‘coming-of-age’ because it’s true I love ‘coming-of-age’.
  • 2 out of 5 have gay characters/storylines, with one or two more (can’t remember precisely but at least one) containing gay action.
  • Not surprisingly, all five contain sex.

Submarine was made into a sparkling film.


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