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Shaun Gannon on Shaun Gannon.

September 1, 2011 \pm\30 2:00 pm

A review of Shaun Gannon’s Pangur Ban Party e-Book: Casual Glory; or, Macaulay Culkin Does Nothing
by Shaun Gannon

Upon reading Casual Glory, it becomes apparent that the author has an obsession with celebrity – both the spectacle of others-as-celebrity and in becoming a celebrity, in inhabiting the skin of a celebrity as Shaun Gannon has done with Home Alone wunderkind Macaulay Culkin. There are multitudinous answers to the issues that arise after reading this slim collection. Gannon’s fixation on Culkin could stem from the immediate image that comes to mind when the subject’s unique name is mentioned; it could be due to his desire to bang Mila Kunis. The surreal nature of these tales could be based on the notion of celebrities living “extraordinary” lives, a paradox of being not-ordinary and very ordinary at the same time (which the title page image also suggests), but one must also consider the lazy “randomness” that young writers flock to. However, one thing is certain with Casual Glory – these stories are barfy and dumb and written by someone with a dumb butt that smells bad.


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