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Russ Woods on Russ Woods.

September 6, 2011 \pm\30 2:00 pm

A review of Russ Woods’s Pangur Ban Party e-Book: With Swords
by Russ Woods

With Swords is the first e-book by Russ Woods.  By me.  It is written in an adaptation of the style I developed that incorporates ASCII art and long, scrolling pieces.  Adapted because this is a series of static pages that link to one another rather than one that scrolls vertically.  It is written from the perspective of a gender nonspecific individual whose spouse/partner recently passed, and who goes to a beach where he/she/it imagines (hallucinates? manifests?) the presence of said late spouse.  The rituals they do together are religious in nature and are supposed to invoke communion, prayer and, finally baptism, which is where the main character either commits suicide or is killed by the ghost of the late spouse.  There are hints at this in the messages in the title bar on each page, which I’m sure most people didn’t notice.  Is this effective?  I have no idea.  Is this overwrought?  Possibly.  Is this overly allegorical?  Could be. Overly maudlin or melodramatic?  Probably.  I like it, though I’m still not sure as to whether exposing people to the ideas behind the piece will make it better or worse.  Let’s find out, I guess.  It’s definitely the least funny piece I’ve written.  Except for maybe this one.


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