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Hobo day.

September 7, 2011 \am\30 11:46 am

There aren’t many known facts about hobos, except this: you want to be one.

I know this much is true.

You want a suitcase made from a handkerchief, you want to eat beans on an open flame, you want to dress in a way that makes grunge-era Eddie Vedder look like Steve Forbes.

Still not sold?



Hobo expert and computer imitator John Hodgman gives us a definitive history.

Getting curious, aren’t you? 

Read How to be a Hobo.

How about some visual aids that Hodgman was talking about?

Still not comfortable with giving up your car for a boxcar?

Maybe avant garde composer Harry Partch will change your mind? He put a promising music career on hold to go ride the rails. What have you done lately?

[P.S. this whole documentary pretty much kicks ass, no matter your view of vagabonds.]

[Talk of his hobo life begins around 5:30]

  1. September 7, 2011 \pm\30 4:48 pm 4:48 pm

    i love this post
    want to write one about being a prostitute or something maybe

  2. David permalink
    September 8, 2011 \am\30 10:29 am 10:29 am

    Rad. There is (was?) an artisinal bindle shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn but I think it may have turned into a fancy hats shop recently…

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