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Stuff friends do: Derek Piotr at Signalfest.

September 27, 2011 \pm\30 8:44 pm

So, this insanely-talented-for-such-a-youngun friend is going to be presenting a session on “Voice in the Context of Experimental Music” at The Southeast Electronic Music Festival this weekend on the campus of University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill (scroll down to Saturday Room 2131).

His bio on the schedule:

Derek Piotr: Poland-born composer based currently in New England. Main focus is vocal manipulation and electroacoustic composition, either directed towards song form or abstract experimentation. Has interned for Meredith Monk; collaborated with AGF, Scanner, Khonnor, and Jari Pitkänen; and had works featured on The Wire’s Adventures in Modern Music radio program (May 2010).

He’s put out an album, Agora, which he wrote about on his blog l:fe,unfurl:ng.

His soundcloud page, upcoming performances, reviews of Agora.

Oh, he writes poetry too. That’s how we met. He came to Wednesday Night Poetry Series (when he was still in high school) and has wowed us with his poetry ever since (which he doesn’t consider his main creative focus). He’s one of our hosts now. And a good friend.

You can spot him around 0.45 eating a marshmallow in the IRL video in this post.


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