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We who are about to feud.

September 27, 2011 \pm\30 3:05 pm

Apparently, Marge Simpson and Barbara Bush have a serious dislike for one another.

[Lifted from Letters of Note]

Barbara Bush received a letter from the unlikeliest of sources in 1990, after an article in People magazine quoted the First Lady as saying The Simpsons “was the dumbest thing [she] had ever seen.” Marge Simpson‘s polite response can be seen below, followed by the transcript of an apologetic letter from Barbara Bush in reply.

It’s worth noting that tensions between the two families resurfaced two years later, when Barbara’s husband, then-U.S. President George H. W. Bush, promised, “We’re going to keep trying to strengthen the American family. To make them more like the Waltons and less like the Simpsons.” A reply from Springfield soon materialised in the form of this addition to the show’s opening sequence.

As mentioned, transcripts of both Marge’s letter and Barbara’s reply follow. Image courtesy of The Washington Post. Many thanks to Josh Conrad for suggesting it.

And then, Barb Bush fired back:

Barbara Bush’s response:

Dear Marge,

How kind of you to write. I’m glad you spoke your mind; I foolishly didn’t know you had one.

I am looking at a picture of you, depicted on a plastic cup, with your blue hair filled with pink birds peeking out all over. Evidently, you and your charming family — Lisa, Homer, Bart and Maggie — are camping out. It is a nice family scene. Clearly you are setting a good example for the rest of the country.

Please forgive a loose tongue.


Barbara Bush

P.S. Homer looks like a handsome fella!

Seriously, we cannot recommend Letters of Note enough. This thing is filled with fascinating notes like Johnny Cash’s love note to June Carter, Nirvana’s hilarious response to fans writing them letters, and some creepy stationary from Steve Vai.

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  1. Robin Elizabeth Sampson permalink
    September 27, 2011 \pm\30 8:56 pm 8:56 pm

    This could prove to be a black hole for those of us who procrastinate. Oh wait. It’s “research.”

    Oh, and Marge Simpson for President!

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