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1992 was a banner year for Paul Shaffer douchbaggery.

October 3, 2011 \pm\31 5:14 pm

I remember back in the day, talking to all my friends, saying: “Yeah, the Pixies are okay and all. But, man, they could really use that Paul Shaffer touch, you know?” [see appx 1:50 mark]


I seem to also remember discussing how J. Mascis was only a minor guitar deity compared to…that guy with the guitar in Letterman’s band. [compare the 1:20 mark, and then Mascis’ solo at 1:45 mark and tell me I’m not right.]


Also, I’m sure the Lemonheads’ drummer was psyched about having a night off in lieu of making his network TV debut. Thanks, Anton Fig!


Thankfully, Regis and Kathie Lee came to the rescue [or not].


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