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Getting to know: Cameron Conaway.

October 14, 2011 \am\31 11:00 am

[In which WWAATD asks vapid questions culled from various teen magazines to non-vapid, non-teenager types.]

Full Name: Cameron Scott Conaway II
Age: 26
Height: 5’8” but only after yoga
Currently Live: Bangkok, Thailand
Hometown: Altoona, Pennsylvania
Instruments: Mind and Body
Car: Let’s rephrase. Car? No.
Secret Talent: Put DMX, Eminem or Busta Rhymes on and I’ll keep up.

What is the best thing about your job? Flexibility. I spent six weeks driving across and exploring the country all while employed full-time as an online English instructor.
What was your most embarrassing audition moment? Most recent might be more appropriate. Last week I met with MTV Exit (MTV’s campaign to end modern-day slavery) to discuss collaborations. Without thinking I wore the shoes I’d put anti-bacterial powder in the day before because I left them on the porch and it’s rainy season here. (The powder helps them dry and stops any funk.) When the MTV crew invited me, we observed Thai custom and removed our shoes. So, there I was, flopping around on their pure black floors and leaving my pure white powdery footprints everywhere I went!

Who is your role model and why?
My fiancée. She’s ultra-empathetic yet athlete-tough. People call me “The Warrior Poet” but her warrior fuels mine.
Wackiest fan encounter: Yesterday a woman claimed she saw a photo of Oprah holding my book, Caged: Memoirs of a Cage-Fighting Poet. As of now, and likely forever, this is unconfirmed. I did mail Oprah a copy, though. Oprah, are you out there?
When I fly I have to have: A notebook. Ideas come at 30,000 feet and I feel like they’ll be wasted if I don’t snag them.
My coolest article of clothing: 40lb exercise weight vest that’s often confused for bullet-proof armor. “Coolest” could just as likely be “nerdiest.”
My first financial splurge was: I suppose everything is when you’re $50,000 in student loan debt!
Do you like to cook? If so, what? I love to cook and seem to be getting pretty good at using the rice cooker to make a killer sukiyaki. Side note: Some steam rooms here in Bangkok actually just boil water in a rice cooker and put it in the room with you.
TV show I never miss: Modern Family is the best show on television.
If you could interview any celeb whom would it be and why? Celebs get enough interviews these days. I’d rather interview a random person on the street and learn what keeps them going.
Anything about yourself you wish you could change? All my flaws lead me somewhere good in the end.
I’ll eat sushi, but not: Fried cockroaches ever again. Yes, once is enough.
What’s the last thing that made you cry? This video to my father.
What would people be surprised to know about you? I’m boring. Seriously, my Facebook page can make it seem like I ride elephants and play with monkeys and explore the wonders of the world everyday. In reality, the majority of my time is spent grading student essays, reading or working on the craft of writing.
Have you had a starstruck Hollywood experience? Who was it with? When I met UFC legend Randy Couture something froze in me. I still can’t remember exactly what we talked about.

Conaway out of the cage and on the page.

Favorite Movie: Forest Gump
Favorite Body Part: Hamstrings
Favorite Philosopher: Three years ago a woman I went to high school with took my Friedrich Nietzsche quotes and used them on her AOL Instant Messenger profile. I called her out and she admitted it. We’re now life partners. Nietztche for the win!
Favorite Sport: MMA
Favorite Athlete: Georges St. Pierre. He’s at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of how athletes can train and evolve.
Favorite Book: John Gardner’s On Becoming a Novelist. I don’t agree with all of it, but its no-nonsense approach to writing cuts through the butterfly “How to be a writer” garbage.



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