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They who we ought to be reading: Kristy Bowen

November 28, 2011 \am\30 9:41 am

Poet #47 is Kristy Bowen, the engine, spark and sparkle behind the amazing chapbooks over at Dancing Girl Press.  Besides making beautiful things for other people (like me! soon!), she also writes poems that remind me of shadow boxes papered in dusty damask or toile. Steeped in “tiny glass kittens,” burning things, tongue and teeth.

“I braid my hair and pretend it comes natural to me as breathing, as this little disease caught in my throat. It might be a butterfly.  It might be a knife. All night, my ribs are a sleepy furnace, where small colonies make scrimshaw drawings of strange beasts. You wouldn’t believe the things they want.”

–from “The Kissing Disease,” at Delirious Hem






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