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Very Beautiful Women: Brittany Wallace & Carolyn DeCarlo.

December 13, 2011 \am\31 10:00 am

[This week I’m posting lovely disparate somethings by the female writers featured in Pangur Ban Party’s multimedia e-book, Very Beautiful Women, of which I was a grateful tiny part. Happy 3rd birthday, Pangur Ban Party! —Ani]

Re: Carolyn DeCarlo’s suck me dry
by Brittany Wallace

Arm, stomach, eye, finger.
Breast, knee, heart, hair.
Intestines, foot, mouth, brain.
These are Carolyn’s important body parts.
These are Carolyn’s body parts, given to another, occupied by an other.

I type Carolyn DeCarlo’s name into a search engine.
I click on images.
I find my face in the search results. I am Carolyn DeCarlo.
I find her blog. Some hard drugs. Her profile avatar shows an attractive female with big hair. Big hair like mine.
Carolyn DeCarlo, Italian surname.
Carolyn DeCarlo, thank you for being honest.
Carolyn DeCarlo, I want to give you something that doesn’t exist yet. I want to give you a handcrafted hovercraft.
I want to give you a drug that doesn’t exist yet.
It turns out I am Carolyn DeCarlo’s Facebook friend.
Something about her face makes me feel okay.
She resembles my mother’s sister, it seems.
She appears to be Italian-American.

“I can’t do everything for you.”
Carolyn DeCarlo, you are right.
The middle, the breast, the obligation to mother them.
It always begins with an arm and ends with a vagina.

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    nice words

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