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Don Carpenter says hard-ass stuff.

January 5, 2012 \pm\31 1:10 pm

Someone recently turned me on to the work of Don Carpenter.

His primal novel about the wrong side of the tracks in 60s Portland, Hard Rain Falling, is a beast.

The Criterion Collection of literature, New York Review Books, released it a few years ago.

There aren’t many interviews with him, but this one is pretty great since it’s scanned directly from a book.

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  1. felix feneon permalink
    January 8, 2012 \pm\31 2:10 pm 2:10 pm

    New York Review Books is The Criterion Collection of literature… I’ve never heard that before and it’s absolutely apt. I’ll be using it in the future when trying to explain why it’s always best at a used book store to buy anything NYRB has published regardless of whether or not one’s heard of the author. On GP.


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