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Long-overdue book report: Sarah–Of Fragments and Lines by Julie Carr

January 26, 2012 \am\31 12:49 am

As a reader, I tend to like all styles of poetry. Maybe I’m not all that discriminating. I like what I like. I can enjoy a poem just because it has fun with words, or because it cuts me to the quick. I am partial to those that do both.

This book, Sarah–Of Fragments and Lines by Julie Carr, is filled with poems like that. It is like something pieced together from shards. The fragment poems include “Waiting Fragments,” “Pregnancy Fragments,” and “Death Fragments.” There are “Lines for the New Year,” “Lines of Defense,” and the title that grabbed me around the neck, “Self-Loathing Lines.”

These are poems of grief, and expectation. They are poems of words. These are pondering poems.

From Metaphor Poem: 

A bit of food on the floor of her thought

Not sure why that line gets to me so, but it does. Nice book.

Procrastinator’s note: This “book report” is one of some books that were sent to me shortly after AWP last year. I’d raised my hand and said “sure, I’ll blog about them” and then guess what? I didn’t. I’m not going to make excuses. Sometimes life is what it is and you don’t always get to things when you say you will. But dammit! I’m gonna get all these mentioned before this year’s AWP rolls around. Even though I’ve never been and I’m not going this year. My apologies to these authors.


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