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Sensitive, somewhat adolescent people.

January 30, 2012 \am\31 11:34 am

From a rare interview with Banana Yoshimoto on Melville House:

When you write, what readers do you have in mind?

I have in mind sensitive, somewhat adolescent people who are stuck between reality and fantasy. Young, rebellious people like to read my books, but I guess what I really like is to encourage adults who still have playful, adolescent minds.

I always wrinkle my nose at the idea of audience. Something about visualizing a faceless collective seemed usually too forceful, almost manipulative to me. But with the answer above, my long-time favorite, Banana Yoshimoto, describes me, her reader, so completely it brightens me to the possibility of an organic, ethical, purposeful, tender request for her readers from a writer during the process, though she doesn’t know us, she hones in on us and knows she’d like (and, if I am any indication, she succeeds) to invite/ignite/incite in us something play-related, hopeful and not at all selfish.


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