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“Why bacon?”

February 7, 2012 \pm\29 2:11 pm

Amy King and Ana Božičević have introduced into the world a massive, beautiful thing. Read this, then read all 108 poets, including John Ashbery, Emily Kendal Frey, Paige Taggart, Filip Marinovich, Rob MacDonald, Tony Mancus, and on and on and on.

The Volta has spread out a lit picnic, including an amazing interview with Andrew Zawacki and an audio interview with Brandon Shimoda in which he discusses a picture of his grandfather from a Japanese internment camp, bacon, and volcanoes.

Adam Clay read at THE BIG BIG MESS READING SERIES on Friday and his new book, A Hotel Lobby at the Edge of the World from Milkweed Editions, is a physical thing and about to be sent into the world. Get it. Adam co-edits TYPO with Matthew Henriksen and the new issue went live last week. I have a poem there, but what you should pay attention to is the video orchestrated by Kate Greenstreet, THESE SENTENCES ARE NOT A POEM.

Wendy Xu continues to be awesome.

The new > kill author is dedicated to Italo Calvino and you’ll find good things from Diana Salier and James Tadd Adcox rattling around inside.

At HTMLGIANT, Ben Mirov put together some poems and songs he likes that were published in other places. He called it Dark Matter.

Coldfront is putting new fuel into their This Morning section, where a new poem is linked to everyday, with myself, Molly Brodak, Nick DePascal, and Erin Lynn as weekly editors. Molly is up this week and it’s already good.

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    I heartily support things being dedicated to Italo Calvino.

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