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FeatherLit fledges.

February 14, 2012 \pm\29 12:59 pm

There’s a new birdie on the block of online literary journals. Fittingly launched on Valentine’s Day, FeatherLit is “a place for short literary erotic writing: flash fiction and poetry that makes you think about sex.”

The name of the journal is perfectly explained by this quote: Erotica is using a feather. Pornography is using the whole chicken.       – Isabel Allende


 Nikki Magennis says in her first Editor’s Letter

Sex is everywhere, but it’s not enough.

Among the internet’s acres of sweaty, grunting bodies, FeatherLit present a clutch of poems and stories that offer you more.

More than titillating fucks, shock or clever word-play, these pieces reach in different directions all at once.

FeatherLit is lovely, uncluttered, and not-at-all juvenile or blush-blush. No purple wallpaper or sparkly bits to distract from the writing. Those of us whose work ventures into the erotic have been wanting a place like this. There really are not that many classy venues dedicated to short erotic works (just type “erotic poetry” into that search engine thingy and see what you find). And yeah, full disclosure time – I have a couple of poems here, so I’m somewhat (haha) biased. But I loved all the pieces here, which is a rarity. Congratulations to all the writers in this nest.

I wish Nikki, a Scottish author, artist, and animator, all the best with this new endeavor.  Check FeatherLit out, and if you have some appropriate work, submit! And like them on Facebook. Today’s their birthday!

  1. February 14, 2012 \pm\29 4:25 pm 4:25 pm

    if you like featherlit, try reading UP too :) check out our sophomore venture, published today at, and look out for a possible featherlit+UP pairing in your future!!!

  2. February 17, 2012 \am\29 10:54 am 10:54 am

    Thank you for the gracious words, Robin. All of them. x

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