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Do you want to go to the cinema?

February 24, 2012 \pm\29 2:21 pm

For about six months my girlfriend was getting texts from a guy named Fahad. She used to be Fahad’s English tutor. Fahad rarely showed up to their meetings, but despite his lack of dedication to his studies, he always wanted her to come out with him and his international friends. His most common request was “Do you want to go to the cinema?” which, with its toneless ESL charm, was my favorite to hear. One day, Fahad’s scripted-foreign-dude texts suddenly stopped and I was a little sad that his interjections into our world had stopped. That was a few months ago. Today, in celebration of Fahad’s texts, I am asking that everyone go to the cinema at The Continental Review where there are new poem-films from Bianca Stone and Chris Martin and Mary Austin Speaker. It’s more than worth it to go through their entire archive and watch everything. Some of my personal favorites are Heather Christle’s “And Then We Clap Ourselves Together” and Brandon Downing’s Bollywood sonic translation/walking d0g mash-up, which made me LOL.

Bianca Stone drew the cover of my chapbook, WHAT A TREMENDOUS TIME WE’RE HAVING! She is more than rad.

And Jordan Stempleman, who c0-edits The Continental Review, has a new book from Magic Helicopter called No, Not Today. You should order it. If you don’t believe a book of poems written by a human being who curates this kind of site is anything but fucking excellent, I can give you Fahad’s number and you can ask him all about it. The weekend is just getting started.


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