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Scenes from the Seedy Underbelly of Suburbia Book Party.

April 18, 2012 \am\30 10:59 am

Saturday, April 21, at The Bowery Poetry Club, 2:00pm.

Jackie Simmons is Emily Dickinson’s 7th cousin 5 times removed, but that fact has not helped her writing one iota. Her poems have appeared in RealPoetik, Purple Fiction, Half Drunk Muse, Amaze: A Cinquain Journal, A First Tuesday in Wilton Anthology, Poetz, Short Fast and Deadly, Pagan Friends, Radius: Poetry from the Center to the Edge, and the Occupy Wall Street Poetry Anthology. She’s been having on-stage anxiety attacks in New York City and Connecticut since 1995.

I’ll be there – wouldn’t miss this! 

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Jackie Simmons

Stairwell Books

$8 at the door gets you three things:
1. A warm fuzzy feeling from supporting the Bowery Poetry Club.
2. A solid half hour, perhaps more, of witnessing an on-stage anxiety attack. (How often do you get to do that?)
3. One half of a book (50% off the price of a book or bring a friend and take home a book to share).

“Jackie Simmons shows her range—from long poems to haiku—from mantras to prose poems—always finding her target. I call this In-Your-Face Poetry, because Jackie is not afraid to explore with unflagging courage the things we take for granted, like love. The last poem is a moving tribute to the Occupy Movement and that in a nutshell is what Jackie does—occupy our minds with images that won’t go gently in the night. Her poems stay with us, like a nudge in the solar plexus. Unlike John Cheever who also explored the underbelly of suburbia Ms. Simmons isn’t afraid of unsettling her readers—she goes to the jugular every time and doesn’t miss.”
—Hal Sirowitz, Former Poet Laureate of Queens, NY




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