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Matt Bell gives away 1000 books.

May 11, 2012 \am\31 11:06 am

Matt Bell, author of Cataclysm Baby (Mud Luscious Press) is moving. And to help lighten the load he’s giving away 1000 of his books. You can own some for the cost of a mailer.

In August, my wife and I are leaving Ann Arbor, moving 450 miles to Marquette, in Michigan’s Upper Penninsula. In preparation for that move, I’ve been making the difficult decisions about what books to take, and which to leave behind—because the last time we tried to estimate, I had about3000 books, stuffed into a two-bedroom condo. We’ve lived in this condo for five years, and the book selection has probably swelled at least twice over to reach its current size: My bookshelves are stacked and double-stacked, there are literary magazines everywhere, and nearly every day new magazines and books come in the mail. Needless to say, I probably shouldn’t take all those books with me—even though some part of me does want to hold on to them, because maybe I’d read them again (or for the first time) someday, somehow.


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