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A partially blindfolded tour of jubilat 21.

July 23, 2012 \pm\31 7:32 pm

I’m sitting in a coffee shop on Balboa St. in Outer Richmond in San Francisco. I bought the new issue of jubilat the other day, started reading it on the beach yesterday, and finished reading it a few minutes ago. It is really good and made me pretty happy and now it’s part of the light draped across my week in San Francisco. Here are some glowing parts & pieces from everyone who appears in this issue. I think it will do something good for you, too. In addition to the poems quoted below there is also an immensely intriguing essay by Lee Ann Roripaugh, “Poem as Mirror Box: Mirror Neurons, Emotions, Phantom Limbs, and Poems of Loss and Elegy,” which shows us a way into how language recreates, holds, reanimates our emotional landscapes in the physical spirit-machine of the brain, arguing that “[p]erhaps a poem teaches the brain, through language, things that are beyond the body’s comprehension.” (!!!) There is also a series of poetry-comics by Bianca Stone! Buy it here!

“Was pretty and he saw it     was / Pretty he saw it too

Pretty for boys / To be a boy” – Shane McCrae, “Was Pretty Was Kids” (slashes in original)

“The question that we really wanted answered / Is what will happen to our precious souls?” – Joshua Edwards, from “Agonistes”

“Sometimes I say my name is Kelly from Ohio / Sometimes I am more mythical” – Natalie Lyalin, “Agrarian”

“For if our scent leaves us, / how would the gods track us down, / they too are brittle fragile beings / like little ducks and our ancestors.” – Tomaz Salamun, translated by Michael Thomas Taren and the author, “For David”

“remember the aloe vera plant / is not a real child” – Francesca Chabrier and Emily Hunt, “Sorry David, David I Am So Sorry”

“Process / was the only real thing that happened. / We wove closer to the abyss, a maze of sunflowers.” – John Ashbery, “Elective Infinities”

“This knowledge is astounding // It makes me realize // Just how dumb I am // And how silly we are to be afraid” – Dorothea Lasky, “Why is a Mouse Sad?”

“SOLDIER: Who are you? / LION: Me? I’m nobody.” – Nick Lantz, “The Soldier and The Lion”

“Nonetheless I move; / timorously I move toward the great lettuce / of knowledge.” – Jono Tosch, “Thomas Merton”

“Go ahead, try to ask for help.” – Lauren Shapiro, “If You Are Lost, Don’t Move”

“I write this from a Red Roof Inn near Milwaukee. It is March 12.” – Joe Fletcher, “A Hand”

“Sit down at a table / made of oak in agony / and join your friends” – Macgregor Card, “Mercury Four”

“I see this sermon staring at the surface of the pho.” – Lewis Freedman, “(16) Your Health”

Clifton, he called you. Butler-William-Henry. Called you to the home-place where God Himself slept like a spine in the earth.” – Kiki Perosino, “Alverta”

“Surely we’d have composed ourselves / In another time just as wildly / Extravagant if also suddenly / As a mouse’s lisp.” – Paul Legault, “Farm III 2”

“I watched over the sixth side and caressed it, / sweetie, sweetie I was saying to it” – Lidija Dimkovska, translated by Ljubica Arsovska and Peggy Reid, “Cube”

“your public dorsal white things / on the muggy / sedan floor” – Elaine Kahn, “Clown, Grimacer, Floormat, Yesman, Entertainer”

“As a child, I visited the Great Wall. As a child I rode trains through the Gobi desert. As a child I wanted nothing more than bluejeans.” – Mary Hickman, “Andy Warhol”

“but quote me, my hunger / Was sudden and wanting” – Jericho Brown, “Obituary”

“When I touch / a shoulder, I ask / ‘is this the spot?'” – Marc Rahe, “On Silence”

“Good darkness is its own address.” – Elizabeth Robinson, “On Nocturnal Light”

“the grammar got / here and here and / good got going” – Drew Milne, “Starkness Falls”

“I’d rather be watching swans / mate for life. Well, / not actually mating. / Okay, actually mating; / you can hardly tell / what’s going on.” – Hannah Gamble, “Somewhere Golden”

“I couldn’t get close // enough to know // if each was more than a single petal” – Zach Savich, “Unharvestable Flowers”

“Invite me back into the cave / where I have pictured you / so many times / and revive my vision” – Alex Phillips, “Extracts from Unkindness”

“I’m pushing a big transparent / Stone up a steep unseen slope” – James Haug, “Geologic Time”

“Roughly speaking / We will never meet again.” – Will Smiley, “The Snow”

“It’s not my fault, but / it might be.” – Keetje Kuipers, “The Extinct”

“Agents in badges rush / the lab” – Shara Lessley, “The Clocks, Lobotomous”

“And the baby boat don’t want that trifling / beauty.” – Miklavz Komelj, translated by Dan Rosenberg and Boris Gregoric, “The Bat Won’t Shut Its Trap”

“Hungry deer step from the woods / on velvet-gloved legs. / This is a test.” – Lisa Olstein, “This is a Test of the Internal Emergency Broadcast System”

“the trees outside my friend Kathryn / has said so many perfect things” – Eryn Green, “Door Out. Out”

“you are trying out / all four versions / of yr indoor voice” – Daniela Olszewska, “Designated Driver”

“Soon the season of gifts / and potatoes will be upon us. Soon you will make, / for everyone, a kind of new womb in which / to wrap themselves” – Sean Bishop, “Sonsmanship”

“How change it some // is synonym for love” – Lisa Fishman, “In Stead A Form”

“with my skies / I edge towards a moment that keeps all / I notice in front of me” – Jordan Stempleman, “Hi, Again”

“I repeat / on repeat / so much so / eventually I believe” – Ben Kopel, “Muscle Mystery Sutra” (slashes in original)

“Sad people are too enthusiastic about cookies. // This is how you will be able to tell them apart / from the others, whose hungers are more general.” – S.E. Smith, “I’m Aware of the Animals Within Me”


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