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We Who Are About To Weekend: Volume 2

September 7, 2012 \am\30 9:30 am

So it’s Banned Book Month and PEN has someone talking about a banned book every day. Matthew Zapruder, who connects Doctor Zhivago to Pussy Riot, and Melissa Broder, who wants to destroy death re: Les Fleurs du Mal, are especially rad.

At VIDA’s Her Kind, Emily Pettit and Bianca Stone talk about Georgia O’Keefe, exploration, and Star Trek, especially Voyager, and especially especially Captain Janeway.

Sandra Simonds digs into the what and why of the sonnet at BAP. Specific discussion of Ron Padgett, Bernadette Mayer, and Kasey Mohammad and how their work contributes to thinking about the contemporary sonnet.

This is Mark Gonzales in Gummo:

Do you know Vouched Books Atlanta?

If you got paid today, like me, you should probably buy Jon Cone’s new chapbook Least from Greying Ghost.

Heather Christle is micro-interviewed about poem titles at The Believer: “I told a colleague of the title of The Trees The Trees and he said, “OK, Ashbery.” But Some Trees was over fifty years ago! Surely we get another shake at the word. And people who want to forbid trees or the moon are just silly—even if I myself sometimes want to forbid further use of the word palimpsest.

This is a Second Life dance party:

Until Monday all books are 30% off via Small Press Distribution. “APPLE” is the sale code. Spend some money. Become heavy with books.

Paper Darts is a gorgeous new journal and small press out of Minneapolis that is making the most of print and online design. Spend some time exploring the site and send them something awesome. Here’s an interview at Coldfront with editors Meghan Murphy and Courtney Algeo.

Hobart has a new internet face and new online features and it’s only going to get better.

At Vice, Blake Butler talks to Paul Legault about his new Emily Dickinson reader and how we say what we say: “I’ll claim innocence, because I’m in love with her. Love absolves most radical acts.” More about new translation and Legault here.

Dorothea Lasky’s new Thunderbird from Wave Books is out and on sale for $12 and it should be owned. From “The Rose”:

“I love poetry / And in every way / This smites me / So I don’t / Really think / I’ll come home again / I think I’ll go out walking / And lose / I will lose myself again / And in what else: / Birth and breath / And birth and Spring”

And here’s your gif into the weekend


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