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We Who Are About to Weekend: Volume 4

September 21, 2012 \pm\30 3:14 pm

Had no idea this existed. Audio interviews with poets via KMSU in Minnesota. Newest interview is with the gold-hearted Adam Fell. Really great archive interviews with Sommer Browning, Catherine Wing, Chris Tonelli, Matt Ryan, and more more more.

A new journal, The Yoke, edited by Rachel Levy and Evan Steuber, is looking for submissions moving towards their second issue. First issue is well-curated, simply designed, and damn good. Check out their submission guidelines and send your best.

Timothy Donnelly interviewed at the Academy of American Poets: “I think the very best poems aim for a perfection that they wisely let themselves surpass by missing. They veer off in favor of something more sensuous, flawed, complicated, and exciting.”

Want to keep talking about whether or not MFA programs are good for poetry? Juliana Spahr takes on Lisa Jarnot at The Argotist.

NPR’s All Songs Considered has their Fall Music Preview up: new songs from Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Dana Falconberry, Lord Huron, The Mountain Goats, and more.

Here are 26 recordings of Frank O’Hara. You can download them directly without a Dropbox account.

At Hobart, people inside Michael Martone answer questions by people inside Michael Martone about what’s inside Michael Martone.

These are some maps.

Two new poems by Samuel Amadon at BOMBLOG: “urged, cried / we art come, cam’st”

Your Twin Peaks gif into the weekend:


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